“Interfin” is a team of professionals with many years of experience in the alcohol business. Our experts have selected the best wines of Crimea and combined them into collections that would fit any budget and satisfy even the most refined taste.

Terroir wine:

A rich authentic wine that took the “character” of Crimea.

Wine for everyday consumption:

Table wine for everyday consumption within an affordable price range.

Autochthonous wine:

Uniquely designed wine, produced exclusively from Crimean autochthonous varieties

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  • History of the “Baqqal su” wine bottle collar

    The “Baqqal Su” trademark bottle collar contains logo of the “Valery Zaharin” brand wine. In the center of the logo there is the figure of the Crimean winemaker’s father in military uniform – just how he went off to war back in 1944. Putting your name on the products is, first of all, the responsibility

  • Meat and wine

    If you have a dinner with meat courses planned out, then you would better complement it with red wine. For example, Bastardo of “Good Year” trademark goes well with grilled meat, and Saperavi of “Good Year” trademark will be an ideal accompaniment to cold meat appetizers, fat poultry and grilled meat. Nutritionists are not very

  • How to choose wine for St. Valentine’s Day?

    It must be festive, but not sugary; refined, but not pretentious. A lady with intelligence and taste should like it, but it is not enough. Aesthetics of St. Valentine’s Day in its non-vulgar version dictates special requirements. SPARKLING WINE We recommend to opt for light Brut, autochthonous sparkling wine Kokur. This sparkling drink of “happiness”


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