Kokur- Sary Pandas

Autochthonous wine of Crimea by Valery Zaharin.

Valery Zaharin, head of the winemaking project “Dom Zaharinyh”, owns about 100 ha of vineyards in Crimea. The range of products produced by Mr. Zaharin is very wide but the most important place in the assortment is held by the line of “Autochthonous wine of Crimea by Valery Zaharin”

Autochthonous wine Kokur- Sary Pandas is produced of the autochthonous grape variety:  Kokur and Sary Pandas. The name of the variety “Sary Pandas” consists of two parts: “Sary” – “yellow” and “Pandas” – “Greek” (nickname or name). The Kokur is translated as «fragrant». The annual production volume of the wine makes 26 000 bottles, each bottle is numbered.









Serving temperature

10–12 °С

Bottle size

0,75 l

Autochthonous wine

With dense texture, good acidity balance, with the tones of fresh bread in the aftertaste

Flower and fruit, dried apricot, pear, light honey tone, wild grasses

Aged for 12 months, more than 3 months of which – in bottle.

Kokur 70%, Sary Pandas 30%.

as an aperitif, to meat, fish dishes, seafood, snacks.


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